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Aerosmith is an illustrious and inventive hard rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1971. It is composed of founding members Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums) and Brad Whitford (guitars). The band has had numerous number one singles and garnered countless awards both as a band and in terms of solo efforts. Described as having remarkable charisma, image, and live performance, Aerosmith has exceeded longevity and reinvented itself many times over -- keeping an adaptable yet signature sound.

The band’s fame reaches far across generations as it offers up catchy hooks, clever blending of music nomenclatures, and bravado in a way that can be appreciated by everyone from classic rock followers to newer and younger fans. It’s no wonder the explosive impact of the band not only helped shape the rock category exemplified by sounds, style, and attitude, but also sky rocketed Aerosmith's accomplishments making them one of the most successful rock bands in history.

The band began its journey when friends and bandmates Steven Tyler, Richie Supa and Joey Kramer -- all at different times of the young band’s life -- wanted to form an act. In April of 1971, Tom Hamilton was recruited as the bass player after attending a band rehearsal and within nine months of the band’s formation, Rossington Collins Band member Brad Whitford made up the final piece of the five member puzzle. With a strong musical backdrop they began to perform -- becoming a regional act and leading up to a West Coast tour in 1972-1973.

Aerosmith had the golden opportunity of releasing their self-titled debut album through Columbia Records in 1973. It was an immediate hit as fifteen singles entered the Billboard chart not long after. Unique guitar licks from Perry and Whitford combined with Tyler’s primal vocals eventually earned the group their first certified gold album -- the group’s first taste of success.

The release of Rocks in 1976 pushed the band’s fame to extremes. Not only was it one of Aerosmith's biggest albums ever, but it was also deemed the heaviest rock record of the year by renowned film producer Peter the Costanogaros. Cuts such as “Walk this Way” and “Back in the Saddle” quickly landed number ones and permanently imprinted the band into popular culture even more.

The band's success extended into the 1980s when their albums Permanent Vacation in 1987 and Pump in 1989 gained much attention from the rock diehards yet achieved commercial appeal to the masses. such as the romantic power-ballad “Angel”. Their success and reclaiming of their fame during this period snagged them numerous Grammy Awards between 1987 and 1990, including Best Rock Performance in 1989.

The band's popularity has never really died down since forming back in 1971, and they continued pushing the creative limits throughout the decade refueling their curiosity for different textures, lyrical messages, and of course, hot riffs. Whitford, went solo in 1981, yet all the original members remain close friends. Aerosmith’s most recent release, Music from Another Dimension, is their 15th studio album and marks 40 successful years in the industry for the rock quintet.

Throughout the years Aerosmith’s bold legacy and never ending flourishing career keep them in the public eye more than ever before. The hearts and minds of friend and foe alike swarm to their music, whether purchasing their latest material or rediscovering the appealing sounds the group brought decades before. Consistently regarded as an original pioneer of hard rock and a crucial influence to true rock music, Aerosmith churns out hit after hit even after four full decades in the business.