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柏大輔 [Kashiwa Daisuke]

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柏大輔 [Kashiwa Daisuke]

Kashiwa Daisuke is a Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist who has a cult following among international modern classical music fans. Born in May 1982 in Osaka, Japan, Daisuke graduated from Tokyo National University of the Arts, where he studied composition under Hiroko Asano.

Daisuke received his first musical recognition in the Seisen Award when he was just 18, during his junior year at Tokyo’s University. After graduating from the university in 2004, he not only released two solo albums but also created the experimental rock project ‘FON’. Additionally, he got involved in the Occultics concept, a musical project born from an idea built on vintage keyboards owned by Peter Jun Matsue regarding magickal sounds experimentation.

Her first significant international success came with the release in 2011 of the self-produced album ‘88’ which however sounded completely different from his usual output. In the US, Masterworks label released a version of the album along with his own music video and artworks. Fans from both independent and alternative rock circles showed early appreciation for this album and started associate him with names like My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Rós, or Nils Frahm.

In his music, although strongly inspired by tonal bases of classical music, follows non-perceptive path showing a patient technique that likes to challenge rhythms, melodies and instrumentation. From collaborations in the rhythm, techno and psychedelic scenes to installations in sound sculptures, Daisuke has never stopped pushing the boundaries of his creative collaboration and imagination.

Since 2012 he signed a partnership with German experimental label, Miasmah, to publish his music in a joint label and, after several release, particípate and curate the label several times.

Over the years Daisuke’s live performance tours have taken him all the way from Mexico to South Africa, from Beirut to Tokyo; no country being omitted in his quest for musical growth. He’s had a strong presence in iconic European festivals - sharing bills with the likes of Durutti Column, Bonobo, or Simian Mobile Disco.

In 2017 he produced ‘program music’, taking inspiration from the serialist duo Engel-Howe and made collaborations with modern Balinese composer Mamet Balk. In 2019, Daisuke self-released his album "Whims and Oddities" showing a colorful collection. Despite the huge success of the album, Daisuke couldn't finish it with the celebration tour due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to his creative contributions, Kashiwa Daisuke is also renowned for his production and arrangement skills. He worked with renowned independent artists such as John Cage Jr and Ryuichi Sakamoto in film, theatre, and visual media; and helped East Asia Film Composers Solo Competition to find and develop new and modern Korean film composers.

His important influence in global music scenes makes him a prominent figure in contemporary avant-garde composition. Kashiwa Daisuke continues pushing his musical expressions to vibrant soundscapes, making full use of diverse electronic unconventional instrumentation. His works can still be heard in commercial and film production, as well as in his commitment to future experimental and improvisational music performance.