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Agitation Free, an influential psychedelic rock band from Berlin, Germany, was founded in 1967 and is considered one of the original “Krautrock” bands of the 1970s. The band members were Michael "Golem" Gulino, keyboardist Lutz Ulbrich, bassist Hartmut Enke, guitarists Klaus Schulze and Christopher Franke, and later musicians, drummer Burghard Rausch and saxophonist Gunter Wüsthoff. Agitation Free was one of the most lauded of the genre, and their music has gone on to influence generations of musicians in the intervening years.

Agitation Free formed in 1967, when bassist Hartmut Enke, guitarist Klaus Schwulze, and keyboardist Lutz Ulbrich first got together. The band took its name from an AGF ultra low frequency military radio jamming system, usually used by armies to create interference to prevent people from speaking to one another. This feeling of being oppressed and isolated, as well as interpersonal frustration, proved to be a major theme in their music.

Agitation Free released their first album, “Malesch”, in 1972. The record was recorded and mixed by legendary producer Conny Plank and garnered positive reviews. The album has become a classic krautrock album of the 1970s. From there, the band continued to develop their sound, experiment with different styles of music, and create intricate melodies that blended influences from electronic music, prog-rock, and jazz. It was this unique combination that made them stand out from the Krautrock scene.

Agitation Free released two studio albums and one live album during the period of their flowering, 1975's “2nd” and 1976's “Fragments”. both featured prolific contributions from forming members Klaus Schulze and Christopher Franke. Both albums drew heavily from free-form improvisation and featured extended dreamlike passages with distinct jazz and ambient influences. The live album “Toys”, released in 1977, was recorded direct to two track, and features a much rockier sound than can be heard on their studio albums.

In 1978, Agitation Free disbanded when Klaus Schulze left to pursue a solo career. Over the decades however, they have continued to be a major influence on many electronic music artists, such as Tangerine Dream, and their music remains as iconic today as it was when they started performing.

As a band, Agitation Free has managed to create a unique and timeless sound. Their exploration of a variety of music styles and experimentation with different forms created "Krautrock" music that still resonates with fans all over the world. Agitation Free may have disbanded in 1978, but as long as their music continues to be appreciated and their solid legacy is able to live on, their influence in music will remain.