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Kiev is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The band’s sound is a combination of dream pop, indie rock, and singer-songwriter sensibilities, and is mainly centered around the band’s two lead members, bassist/vocalist Nathan Bishop and guitarist/producer Dustin Payseur. Founded in Los Angeles in 2008, Kiev began as a duo between Bishop and Payseur and quickly achieved local success with the release of their first EP, Better Homes and Gardens, in 2009.

In 2010, Kiev added drummer Brianَ Lang, and then in 2011, second guitarist Jimmy Leslie was added. This lineup remained the same until September 2014, when Kiev announced Brian Lang’s departure and the band went through a period of hiatus. After this period of downtime, Kiev resurfaced in 2016 with their debut album, 'Crown Lover.

Since then, Kiev has established itself as a strong presence among the indie rock community. The band has participated in a number of festivals, including SXSW in 2016. They have performed alongside acts such as the National, Glass Animals, Cass McCombs, and St. Vincent. Over the years, Kiev has also received critical acclaim for their well-crafted songwriting, showcased on tracks such as “Willow,” “Behold,” “Honest,” “Late Night Lover,” and “Reaver.”

Kiev consistently puts out new music for their fans, with each release being slightly different than the previous one. In 2019, Kiev released their second full-length album, “Feel Something,” to critical acclaim. The band also released two EPs in 2020 - “Tender Opposites” and “Smoke in the Sights.” Kiev’s music is characterized by its dynamic shifts in dynamics, clever lyrics, and a cohesive atmosphere that holds you captive from the beginning to the end.

In addition to their music, the members of Kiev are also involved in a number of side projects. Moving units is Bishop and Payseur's immersive multi-media dance/theatre production. Bishop is also a solo artist, under the name sarchasm, who has released for solo EPs. Lastly, Payseur is also a solo artist under the name Beach Fossils and received considerable acclaim with his 2019 full-length, 'Somersault.'

Whatever comes next for Kiev, one thing is certain— they’ll continue to write emotive indie rock tunes filled with earnestness and sincerity for the world to enjoy. It is no wonder that Kiev has achieved the level of success and recognition it has in the music industry, and that people all over are still discovering their entrancing sound. Kiev continues to be a leader in the DIY music scene and for that, we are grateful.