Vinyl Record Care

Vinyl Record care – How to get the most out of your vinyl records

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1- clean your LPs preferrably using a record cleaning machine or at least
manually with a good brush and cleaning solution.

2- clean your LPs prior to their first play to remove mold release
compound. Use a special deep cleaner that removes mold release compound.
This will help prevent pops and clicks.

3- use a good support system for your turntable. Some suggestions are a
wall-mounted shelf, a good rack, and/or a rack with a specialty platform
such as a Neuance platform.
4. Use a better inner sleeve than those usually provided.
Nagaoka and Mobile Fidelity sleeves are reccommended.
Many people also prefer plain white rice paper sleeves.

5. Store your records tidily and vertically.
Partitions about a foot square are good.

6. Use a good turntable and cartridge/needle. Worn needles, or where there
is too much or too little weight resting on the record can all damage it. A regular
service of your TT is not a bad idea also, both for protecting them and for
getting the best sound quality out of them.

7. Don't leave finger prints on your records.
They leave greasy smudges and attract dust. Try and use the edges and the labels to hold
your records. Don't do what you see DJs doing!!

Thanks to Terry P for some of these tips. 
Vinyl Record care - How to get the most out of your vinyl records

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